The Stabilization of hMSCs as a Technology

Applications of human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (hMSCs) have evolved considerably since their discovery in the early 1960s. Continuous learning about hMSCs has shifted the paradigm of these cells; while MSCs were originally used solely as a basic research tool, they are today a full-fledged technology. In this article, we apply the Hype Cycle™ model to hMSCs to visually represent its history, its adoption as a true biotechnology, and industrialization of the hMSC supply chain. We also offer our perspective on the impact of this transition on the development and commercialization of hMSC therapies, as well as the entire Regenerative Medicine supply chain. 

Authored by:

  • Josephine Lembong, PhD, Scientist
  • Jon Carson, PhD, Strategic Marketing Manager
  • Jon Rowley, PhD, Founder and Chief Product Officer