Dear Customer,

RoosterBio lives by a set of core values including, among others, our customers’ success. We tackle difficult problems, are innovative, and meet challenges with positive attitudes, open minds, and thoughtful solutions. These enduring values guide us as we face the challenge of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic: a challenge faced by our employees,  customers, families, friends, neighbors, and communities around the globe. We extend  heartfelt good wishes for all as we collectively brave this challenge.

In response, we have taken preventative and precautionary actions as we focus on the health and safety of all concerned with our business continuity and response plans. Additionally, we are committed to being your trusted supplier of hMSCs, media products, and process development services. We have implemented a number of actions with the goal of protecting our employees and maintaining our business to include:

  • Following guidance and best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.
  • Instituting guidelines and operational enhancements to limit potential virus exposure and spread, including access restrictions at our facility.
  • Providing ongoing and transparent communications for our employees regarding our response plans and preventive measures.
  • Ceasing all international business travel and restricting domestic business travel unless deemed critical.
  • Instituting remote work operations to keep our employees healthy.
  • Encouraging use of video and teleconference options in lieu of face-to-face meetings when possible.
  • Continuously reminding our employees of the recommended safety precautions, including more frequent hand washing and use of sanitizer.
  • Monitoring and adapting to shipping, logistical, and supply chain challenges.
  • Maintaining preparedness for this evolving situation and monitoring it daily. 

Multiple governments around the world have implemented new guidelines, including restrictions on gatherings, cross-border movements, and so on. Further restrictions may be on the horizon. We will adjust operations as needed, all while remaining focused on the health and safety of our employees and communities in which we live, as well as our customers’ success.

In line with our enduring values, we will continue to work diligently and proactively to adapt to this new environment and implement our continuity plans in an effort to provide smooth and continuous operations. Your success is a key priority. While adapting to this evolving situation, our efforts are to minimize service disruptions to your businesses and continue to live up to your expectations of being a quality products and services supplier.

We will continue to monitor the developments and provide updates as appropriate. This is a challenging global situation, but with collective efforts we will be able to meet the challenge and move towards a better tomorrow.

If we can be of any assistance, please feel free to email Thank you very much for being a valued partner and friend.




Margot S. Connor

Chief Executive Officer

RoosterBio, Inc.